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Jinx’s Conditions for Getting Inked 







Most consultations can be done remotely. However, if your piece requires an in-person consultation, no deposit is necessary. 


To book an appointment:


To book an appointment a non-refundable deposit of $104 is required. By doing so, you are guaranteeing that you and I will be at the same place at the same time in order for you to get your tattoo. Deposits can be made over the phone or online. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, and do so more than 48 hours before your appointment time, then the deposit can be used to book your next appointment. If not, it is forfeit, and you will need to make another deposit before making another appointment. Once your tattoo is finished $100 will be applied towards the final price. 


If you change your mind about your design:


If you change your mind on what you want to get, or where you want to put it, please let me know ASAP before your appointment! Many times those changes will have to be made ahead of time. 


On the day of your appointment:


Please eat a meal beforehand. Be clean and wear comfortable clothing that allows access to the area you are getting tattooed, if at all possible. Please no perfume or cologne! Bring something non-alcoholic to drink and snacks if your appointment is for more than a few hours. If you require someone to be with you please bring only one person as space is limited in my studio. The less distractions the better for you, me, and your tattoo!




Please be respectful and do not show up more than ten minutes before your appointment time. Anything earlier and you will be cutting into my time to prepare for you or another client’s appointment time. 


If you are more than twenty minutes late and have not notified me AND gotten confirmation that I received your notice then your deposit is forfeit, the appointment is canceled, and you will need to make another deposit in order to book another appointment. 


Be Present!


While you are in the chair, please be present! If you want to listen to videos or your own music please use earbuds or headphones. Please refrain from any excess movement, stay calm, and breathe normally. The less you move the better your tattoo will be! 


By making a deposit for an appointment you hereby agree to these terms and to be bound by them. 

Feel free to call or text me at 830-837-8208 if you have any questions. 

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